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Global Europol taskforce identifies 18 child victims of sexual abuse

2021-11-18 10:08:02
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Quelle: Europol

A total of 18 children have been tentatively identified and two offenders apprehended as a result of the 10th edition of Europol’s Victim Identification Taskforce (VIDTF), writes Europol.

Nine of these young victims have already been rescued by the competent authorities, with investigations ongoing to safeguard the others.Between 25 October and 5 November 2021, these experts combed through some 580 sets of images and video files depicting unknown victims of child sexual abuse, some as young as a few days old. They were supported by Europol specialists and intelligence analysts in the field of combating the sexual exploitation of children.  In addition to the 18 children identified, the likely country of production has been located in 211 instances and intelligence packages sent by Europol to the relevant countries for investigation. Europol’s Executive Director Catherine de Bolle said: “Changing global circumstances in recent decades have changed the way child abusers commit their crimes and hide their tracks.

Results such as these from the VIDTF show that law enforcement has kept up with these changes and built a formidable united front against this type of crime. This is echoed by the public’s support through the Trace An Object initiative, and together we can hopefully rescue more children and infants from abuse and sexual exploitation.”You can help us identify the origin of certain objects as part of Europol’s Trace An Object initiative.

Non-confrontational details of images extracted from child sexual abuse cold cases are regularly made public, in the hope that someone recognises a detail that will help narrow down the location of the victim.27 000 tips have already been sent to Europol, which have led to the identification of 23 children and to the prosecution of 5 offenders.  .

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