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Swiss Federal Council Explores Economic Cooperation in Manila

Ignazio Cassis has concluded his journey to Asia with a visit to the Philippine capital Manila. Discussions focused mainly on economic and political cooperation and the geopolitical situation. The last official visit to the Philippines by a member of the Federal Council dates back to 2008.

2024-02-08 17:45:17
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

Swiss Federal Council member Ignazio Cassis recently concluded his visit to Asia with a trip to the Philippine capital, Manila. The focus of discussions was on economic and political cooperation, as well as the geopolitical situation.

This was the first official visit to the Philippines by a Federal Council member since 2008. The visit highlights Switzerland's interest in strengthening cooperation with the South East Asian country.

The South East Asia Strategy 2023–26 outlines Switzerland's plan to deepen relations with the region. The Philippines, being the second-largest country in South East Asia, plays a significant role in this effort.

Economic relations were a central topic, with discussions about implementing the free trade agreement between EFTA and the Philippines. The officials also discussed peace promotion and Switzerland's role in the UN Security Council.

The growing tensions in the South China Sea were also addressed. Switzerland and the Philippines have a long history of diplomatic relations, and there is a significant Swiss community in the country.

Cassis' tour of India, the Republic of Korea, China, and the Philippines aimed to promote Switzerland's interests in the Asia-Pacific region and gather perspectives on the war in Ukraine for a high-level conference on peace..

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Swiss Federal Council Explores Economic Manila