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Switzerland Strengthens Defence Capabilities, Cooperates with NATO

At its meeting on 24 January, the Federal Council approved the Report on Defence Capability and Cooperation, which addresses postulates submitted by the Council of States Security Policy Committee SPC-S (23.3000) and Council of States member Josef Dittli (23.3131). The report sets out how Switzerland intends to strengthen the defence capabilities of its Armed Forces and achieve closer, institutionalised cooperation with NATO while maintaining its neutrality.

2024-01-31 16:45:19
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

The Swiss Federal Council has approved a report on defence capability and cooperation, addressing the need to strengthen Switzerland's defence capabilities and achieve closer cooperation with NATO while maintaining its neutrality. The report states that there is a significant deterioration in the security situation, leading to the need for improved defence capabilities.

Switzerland's military development will focus on improving defence to meet diverse threats, including hybrid methods of warfare. Services related to supporting civilian authorities and military peacekeeping will also be developed.

The Federal Council plans to shape the longer-term development of the Armed Forces through the 2024 Armed Forces Dispatch, which will be decided on in February. Switzerland aims to ensure its defence independently as a neutral state, but is open to organising defence with other states if attacked.

Cooperation with NATO will be intensified, focusing on strengthening defence capabilities. Specific measures to strengthen defence capabilities and intensify multilateral cooperation will be considered and implemented, including training services in neighbouring countries or multilateral exercises and missions in multilateral staff structures or for training purposes.

Clarifications on military mobility and transit of partner nations' military units will also be addressed..

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Switzerland Strengthens Defence Capabilities, Cooperates NATO