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Scientists Reprogram Connective Tissue for Enhanced Wound Healing

Researchers at PSI and ETH Zurich have taken connective tissue cells that have been mechanically reprogrammed to resemble stem cells and transplanted them into damaged skin. In their laboratory experiment, they were able to show that this can promote wound healing.

2023-11-28 09:45:21
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

Researchers at PSI and ETH Zurich have successfully reprogrammed connective tissue cells to resemble stem cells and transplanted them into damaged skin, leading to improved wound healing. Fibroblasts, which are not fully differentiated cells, were turned into partially stem-cell-like cells through mechanical stimulation rather than genetic engineering.

The cells were embedded in a matrix made of fibronectin, causing them to divide and spread out in three dimensions. The researchers found that the reprogrammed cells were able to produce more proteins and regenerate new skin more efficiently.

This method provides a potential solution for extensive skin injuries where current therapies are limited. The technique has the potential for cosmetic applications and could be used to regenerate other types of tissue such as muscle or brain cells.

The research is based on the technique of reprogramming cells, originally discovered in 2006, which involves genetically manipulating mature cells to become stem cells. PSI researchers are investigating the mechanisms involved in reprogramming cells through confinement and are planning to conduct experiments on real human skin in the future..

(Quelle:Swiss Federal Council modified with ChatGPT)

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Zurich Scientists Reprogram Connective Tissue Enhanced Wound Healing