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Cathrine Pauli tritt als Stadtratsmitglied zurück: Nachfolge bereits geklärt

Auf Cathrine Pauli folgt Roger Meier.

2023-07-05 13:05:07
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Quelle: Stadt Zürich

Cathrine Pauli has resigned from her position as a member of the Gemeinderat in July 2022. She had previously served in this role from July 2020 to May 2022.

Her resignation creates a vacancy that will be filled by the next alternate member on the party's electoral list. The first alternate person on the FDP list has accepted the Gemeinderat mandate.

Roger Meier, also from the FDP and representing Wahlkreis 7 + 8, has been elected to serve for the remaining term of 2022-2026..

(Quelle:Stadt Zürich Bearbeitet mit ChatGPT)

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Cathrine Pauli Stadtratsmitglied zurück: Nachfolge geklärt