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FIP: Unterstützung gefordert für Apotheker an der Front

Die International Pharmaceutical Federation FIP hat 23 dringende Massnahmen an alle Regierungen adressiert, um die Kontinuität der pharmazeutischen Versorgung im Kampf gegen das Coronavirus (COVID-19) aufrechtzuerhalten.

FIP: Unterstützung gefordert für Apotheker an der Front
FIP: Unterstützung gefordert für Apotheker an der Front (Bild: pharmaSuisse)

2023-03-14 08:10:07
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Quelle: pharmaSuisse

FIP’s measures also look ahead, calling for provisions to be made in preparation for future developments, wie pharmaSuisse meldet.

These include:  “The valuable service that pharmacists and their teams provide to communities, and their important contribution to easing the huge strain being placed on health systems during the current coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is now clearer than ever. We know that these colleagues are going to great lengths and subjecting themselves to risks in order to ensure continuity of care, particularly to the vulnerable, and to maintain a robust and efficient medicines and medical product supply chain as well as providing much needed advice and services,” said FIP President Mr Dominique Jordan.He added: “Pharmacists at community and hospital pharmacies and clinical biology laboratories are sharing in the enormous pressure of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus disease.

Sadly, we have already witnessed pharmacist deaths related to COVID-19 and many pharmacists have patients who have died because of the infection. We must ensure the well-being of these colleagues so that they can continue in their vital work.” The FIP measures also call for appropriate services to be put in place to support the psychological health of pharmacists and pharmacy staff, and for governments and other employers to ensure that pharmacists are getting adequate breaks during their shifts and time off between shifts.About FIP: The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, and is in official relations with the World Health Organization.

Through our 151 member organisations, we represent over four million practitioners and scientists around the world. Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and pharmaceutical care. www.fip.org.

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