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Federal Council Eases Sanctions on Syria for Humanitarian Activities

On 3 March, the Federal Council relaxed some of its sanctions against Syria, with the intention of making it easier for humanitarian actors active in Syria to establish the business relationships necessary for their work. The amendments to the ordinance concerned will come into effect at 6pm on 3 March.

2023-03-03 14:45:31
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

The Federal Council has relaxed some of its sanctions against Syria to make it easier for humanitarian actors to establish business relationships. The amendments to the ordinance will take effect on 3 March at 6pm.

The Ordinance of 8 June 2012 prohibits the provision of money or resources to designated persons, entities, or businesses. Humanitarian actors receiving federal funding for activities in Syria could previously obtain exemptions for financial transactions necessary for humanitarian assistance.

The decision extends the exceptions to facilitate humanitarian activities, including earthquake response. Humanitarian actors may now provide money and resources to designated parties for humanitarian assistance.

An exceptional authorization scheme has been set up for humanitarian actors who do not receive federal funding. Switzerland initially adopted sanctions against Syria in May 2011 and has made subsequent amendments to align with EU measures..

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Federal Council Eases Sanctions Syria Humanitarian Activities