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Confederation to help fund Foundation for the ICRC until 2031 centenary

2022-06-22 11:45:11
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

Bern, 22.06.2022 - At its meeting of 22 June 2022, the Federal Council decided to contribute up to CHF 100 million to increase the capital of the Foundation for the International Committee of the Red Cross until 2031, the year it will mark its 100th anniversary, writes the Swiss Federal Council.

The Foundation was established in 1931 to help the ICRC fulfill its humanitarian mission in wartime as in peacetime. The Foundation sees itself as a complement to the ICRC, a source of ideas and a catalyst for innovation in humanitarian work.

At today's meeting, the Federal Council decided to contribute up to CHF 100 million to the Foundation's capital until its centenary year in 2031. This pledge is subject to the Federal Council's and Parliament's budget estimates and financial planning decisions. Foundation capital to be raised to CHF 1 billionThe aim is to ensure that the Foundation is well-funded and able step up its involvement in long-term and innovative projects.

The lead-up to the centenary will therefore serve as an opportunity for the Foundation for the ICRC to step up its involvement in such projects. An international appeal will be launched to boost the Foundation's capital to CHF 1 billion.

The Confederation's financial contribution is expected to leverage fundraising efforts to increase the Foundation's capital.For further information: FDFA Communication Tel. +41 58 462 31 53Tel.

Press service +41 460 55 55kommunikation@eda.admin.ch.

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Confederation help fund Foundation ICRC until 2031 centenary


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