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Swissmint Introduces Swiss Shooting Sports Federation Coin

In November last year, a new era was ushered in at Swissmint, the Federal Mint, with the new Swiss special coins brand. From 2 June 2023, the latest creation, Swiss Shooting Sports Federation, will be available to mark the 200th anniversary of the organisation.

2023-05-26 10:45:18
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

Swissmint, the Federal Mint, has introduced a new special coin brand called Swiss special coins. The latest release is the Swiss Shooting Sports Federation coin, created to commemorate the organization's 200th anniversary.

The Swiss Shooting Sports Federation is one of the oldest sports federations in Switzerland, founded in 1824 and currently having around 130,000 members. The special coin, which weighs 20g and contains 999.9 silver, features an artist's depiction of an eye and a target on the obverse.

The reverse side of the coin incorporates elements from the shooting taler predecessor and depicts a nominal value of CHF 20. A total of 15,000 uncirculated coins and 5,250 coins in proof quality will be issued.

The anniversary gold coin will complete the two-part series in 2024. The special coins aim to draw attention to the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Swiss Shooting Sports Federation.

Swissmint, established in 1855, produces coins for the Swiss Confederation and also mints special coins to commemorate historical and cultural events. The main anniversary celebration for the Swiss Shooting Sports Federation will be held in August 2024..

(Quelle:Swiss Federal Council modified with ChatGPT)

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Swissmint Introduces Swiss Shooting Sports Federation Coin