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CoSi awarded funding from SWEET programme

2023-01-24 10:45:18
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

Bern, 24.01.2023 - A decision has been made on the call for proposals “Co-Evolution of the Swiss Energy System and Swiss Society and its Representation in Coordinated Simulations”: The CoSi consortium led by the University of Basel will receive project funding, writes the Swiss Federal Council.

CoSi (Co-Evolution and Coordinated Simulation of the Swiss Energy System and Swiss Society) aims to explore the interactions between political, regulatory and social framework conditions and the development of the energy system. The consortium will create simulation models that draw on interdisciplinary expertise from the natural sciences, engineering, and economics as well as the social sciences and humanities, enabling more effective scenario analyses that will help to shape a successful energy transition.

CoSi will cultivate exchange between researchers and stakeholders, coordinate and harmonise modelling activities in Switzerland, create open documentation and develop methods to incorporate research results from the social sciences and humanities.The awarded consortium was selected in a two-stage procedure. The funding is CHF 10 million.CoSi (Co-Evolution and Coordinated Simulation of the Swiss Energy System and Swiss Society)Host institution: University of BaselConsortium: UniBE, UniGE, UniLU, UniNE, UniSG, Empa, EPFL, ETH Zurich, HES-SO, HSLU, OST, PSI, ZHAWTotal budget: CHF 17 million, incl.

CHF 10 million financed by SWEETSWEET (Swiss Energy Research for the Energy Transition) funding programmeThe SWEET programme issues rolling calls for proposals for consortium projects and will continue until 2032. Funding is provided only for consortium projects that use interdisciplinary methods to address central research topics of the 2050 Energy Strategy and Switzerland's long-term climate strategy in a comprehensive matter. SWEET focuses on solution-oriented research and on demonstrations of the results achieved.

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has the lead for the SWEET programme. .

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