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« At the tipping point – address nuclear risks & return to the path of disarmament »

2022-08-02 23:45:11
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Quelle: Swiss Federal Council

Mr, writes the Swiss Federal Council.

Chairman,Ladies and Gentlemen,Sixty years ago, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world stared into an abyss. Russia’s unacceptable nuclear threats made earlier this year in the context of its military aggression against Ukraine remind us once again of the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.

Any use of nuclear weapons would break the 75-year-old nuclear taboo and risk further escalation. We all know that any use of nuclear weapons would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences.

This conference should strengthen the norm against the use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear risks are higher than ever before since the end of the Cold War.

We should agree on measures to reduce nuclear risks and to enhance resilience in times of crises. This conference must set the course for an urgently needed change: to reduce the role of nuclear weapons, to reduce the likelihood of a nuclear accident or usage as a result of a misunderstanding.

Words must be complemented by concrete action to avert humanitarian and environmental disasters. Switzerland, together with our partner from the Stockholm Initiative, has therefore presented a working paper, containing a package of measures to reduce nuclear risks now, before it is too late.FDFA CommunicationFederal Palace West WingCH-3003 Bern, SwitzerlandTel.

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